Friday, 27 August 2010

It's Chilli out there!

The new book, Dr. Yes, is being launched at an unusual venue - a marquee at Belfast's annual Chillifest. Chillifest is part of the Open House festival, and it features a No Alibis tent which will be hosting the book's release on Saturday, September 11 at 2 pm. The event itself is free, but it's a fiver to get in to the festival itself, which has lots of other attractions, including food, beer, wine and live music. Official release date is September 30, so this'll be your chance to pick one up early, or indeed, to get ridiculously drunk.

Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Dr. Yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The new Mystery Man novel, Dr. Yes, is being published on September 30th, which is a month earlier than previously announced. If you're on the island of Ireland there are four events lined up to support this - one being at the Big Oak Literary and Arts Festival in Derry on the weekend of September 19th, then there's a launch at Waterstones in Dublin in the first week of October, and also an event at a theatre in Blanchardstown in North Dublin (sorry I don't have the date to hand - on my hols in Florida!) . There will also be a launch event in Belfast. This will again be staged through No Alibis, but for a change this will most likely be taking place outside of the store - reason being that October also sees the debut of my first stage play, National Anthem, which is on at the Baby Grand Opera House for two weeks. We're hoping to hold the book launch in tandem with the play, so watch out for details of that. Once again I've been fairly remiss about updating this ol' blog, but if you are interested in keeping better informed, why not join me over on Facebook, where you'll be overwhelmed with detail......