Monday, 3 September 2012

Best Seller!

Hello folks, long, long time -  most of the things I post these days are on facebook or twitter, and you're all more than welcome to join me there.    There's a new book, The Prisoner of Brenda, coming in October, but there's also this (below) to talk about:  I've set up a series of creative writing courses for first time novelists.   These are aimed at anyone who has ever dreamed about having a best selling novel -  have a wee read of the Press Release I sent out, and get in touch if you fancy a shot at it. 


From the controversial Fifty Shades of Grey to the magical world of Harry Potter, many of us have harboured dreams of writing a best selling novel.


Now acclaimed novelist Colin Bateman is launching a new series of courses aimed at aspiring writers – and he hopes they will help launch the UK’s next literary phenomenon.    


He is running his ‘Secrets of Writing a Best-Seller’ weekend courses in his home town of Bangor.  The first, in October, sold out in 48 hours.    


Secrets of Writing a Best Seller is an inspirational two-day course aimed at those who want to write commercial fiction that sells.   It is best suited to beginners who might have an idea for a novel but don’t know how to get started, or those who have a novel underway but aren’t sure how to progress with it.


The course will look at where ideas come from, genre, research, dialogue, character development, plotting, re-writing and editing, preparing synopsis and outlines and at how to get motivated and stay motivated. It will take a look at the business of publishing, and students will be guided in the best ways to approach agents and publishers.  It will also look at the option of self-publishing and chat with a leading agent.    


Colin says, ‘Many people dream about being a best selling writer…..but don’t think it’s possible because they have no idea how to start writing a novel.   I was exactly like that when I started out – lots of dreams but no idea about how to take the first step – or the second, or third.’  


Although reasonably intensive will also be conducted in a friendly and relaxed manner, with plenty of opportunity for participants not only to get advice from a best selling author, but also to ask whatever questions they have, as well as to participate in group discussions with other aspiring writers. 


‘People can be quite shy when it comes to their writing,’ says Colin, ‘I know I would never have shown anything I was writing to anyone before I was published, so I’m not expecting people to bare their souls in public.  But I hope it will not only be informative, but that it will be fun too and participants will go away inspired to write their first best-seller.’ 


If you are interested in attending the course please register as soon as possible, either via Colin Bateman’s Best Seller page on facebook or by emailing