Monday, 12 April 2010

The Day of the Real Jack Russell

.....the paperback of the second Mystery Man book, The Day of the Jack Russell, isn't too far away from publication now, and should start appearing in the shops towards the end of next month. Those who have read it and aren't from Northern Ireland, may think I made up the fact that MI5 has a regional headquarters just up the road from my home town, or that I merely imagined that if some kind of nuclear holocaust obliterates London, security servies will be administered from a sleepy little town just outside Belfast. Well, think again. It's all over the news this morning that the Real IRA just blew up a car bomb outside it. Thankfully nobody killed, but one person slightly injured. The Real IRA themselves are a mysterious group believed to number no more than two men and a wee lad. They have nothing to do with The Pretend IRA, or the Imaginary IRA, or indeed the Surreal IRA, who were responsible for last year's custard bombing in Londonderry.

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  1. Ok I pushed the comment button on impulse I'm thinking: I'm a sad sod writing to someone who I don't know but have just read two of their books (so how much can you tell about a person from their novels and a photograph of them looking the spit of that political singer from the 70s and 80s)or should I try to be ultra witty (when even slightly witty would do)or do I try to ask something profound - as a sycophantic neophyte writer would do (I'm neither).

    I never thought I would find a book to match Brookmyre until I read 'Riot'. Excellent.

    Okay you could have two responses here. 'Oh fuck' - if you dont rate Brookmyre or 'Ahh jings', Celtic connection brought in at this point to set up a (now not so) subliminal bond.

    Still, really just wanted to say how much I enjoyed 'Riot' and 'Orpheus' and now half way through 'Mystery', all three almost had me laughing out loud.

    Bought all 3 from Ottakers so paid almost full price - royalties on their way to you as we speak. Which, by my reckoning, as I could have bought them from a charity shop or, second hand, off Amazon means you owe me.

    Don't panic, I'm not going to call in the debt just yet, I'll wait until our relationship is established a bit more then I'll let it drop I should have a mention in the next book.

    Okay you could have two responses here. 'Oh Fuck'- not another stalker/space cadet or 'Ah jings' this guy seems to have a sense of humour and is not phased by my fame, wit or my biography (despite playing the whole brass section). I guess I will know which by your posted response (or lack of).

    Be aware I'm on the edge of my seat and holding my breath for a response, so if there is news tomorrow of a middle aged, balding Scotsman on the news, having died of asphyxiation (no plastic bag or fruit involved) then on your head be it.

    I lied about the laughing out loud bit (I did) but I didn't about the likeness - you do look like Billy Bragg.

    Awe ra best