Monday, 24 May 2010

And the winner is.....

Very happy to report that 'The Day of the Jack Russell' has just won The Last Laugh Award for the best comic crime novel published in the UK in 2009 at the international CrimeFest. Didn't even know I was in the running! I think an extra drink at the Dublin launch of the book on June 9th is in order. Everyone welcome! It's at The Gutter Bookshop.


  1. Well done kid. The old mantelpiece must be fairly groaning by now :-)

    Mind you i do feel you are making the rest of us look bad by churning out so many books. To truly represent Northern Ireland you need to get with the program.

    For the next book you need to hire some consultants to establish what exactly the book reading public need in a book. After this you need to have a public review process to hear the viewpoints of all interested parties - the bookshops, libraries, the main political parties, and residents groups from any areas mentioned in the books etc. This process should only take 4-5 years and about 2 million pounds, but on the bright side the arts council should cover all costs.

    How about ‘The Day the cross community Quango succeeds in empowered marginalised groups in society to achieve their full potential’ as a book title?

  2. I was there at CrimeFest when they were announcing the nominations and I cheered for you, you definitely deserved to win!